Sustaining the health of our world

UNE is at an enviable point in our evolution, a point from which we are poised to leap to ever greater heights. At the center of our new strategic plan is a daring and expansive perspective on “health”: Over the past five years, we have successfully established UNE among the premier providers of education, expertise, and innovation for sustaining the health of our world’s people, communities, and natural environment.

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Three U N E students standing together after Commencement

Strategic Priorities 2018-2023

To realize our vision, we have been building on UNE’s existing institutional strengths — including exceptional return on student investment, leadership in interprofessional health care education, and commitment to experiential learning — to focus on six priorities and their associated goals and initiatives. These priorities represent broad areas to which we have committed UNE’s energy and resources over the past five years.

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Two nursing students practicing listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope on a dummy in the Simulation Lab

Achieving Our Vision

Using this action plan, we have transformed how we work day-to-day as individuals, constituents of specific colleges and administrative offices, residents of campuses in Maine and Morocco, members of a physical and virtual community with shared values, as well as partners with numerous external organizations. It is this hard work that empowers us to achieve our vision.